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[WBC-RTI.info Newsletter] How should WB countries “smartly specialise"? What difficulties to expect and how to overcome them?

Informacion mbi buletin informativ shkencor WBC-RTI, Western Balkan Countries Research Technology Innovation, Prill 2018.


COST’s governing body, the Committee of Senior Officials (CSO), has unanimously accepted Albania’s request for full COST membership. The country is now the 37th COST Member.

 The CSO took the decision at its 203 rd meeting in Reykjavík, Iceland, on 25-26 April 2018.  Albania fulfils  all the requirements for becoming a full COST Member . Albanian institutions have been participating in at least two consecutive EU Framework Programmes, and in at least 5% of running COST Actions. 

“ The admission of Albania as a full COST member underpins the key role of COST in implementing the inclusiveness policy in the Western Balkans. Through this step, Albanian researchers will be able to take a proactive role in proposals for future COST Actions ”, said Prof. Dr Sierd Cloetingh, President of the COST Association.

The Albanian research community is currently taking part in around 10% of the running COST Actions.

A candidate for EU membership, Albania has been actively involved in regional cooperation and co-signed the  Western Balkan Regional R&D Strategy for Innovation adopted in October 2013. The European Commission  recently issued the 2018 report on Albania , part of the Western Balkans strategy, and recommended the Council to start EU accession negotiations with the country .

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