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CALL FOR CONFERENCE (Second Announcement)

Department of Biotechnology of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, organizes the Scientific Conference “International Conference on Applied Biotechnology” funded by the grant of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana for Scientific Research and Conferences for 2014.   

The International Conference on Applied Biotechnology is an opportunity for educators and researchers from universities, institutions, businesses, and other private and public agencies to share and discuss their innovative practices and research initiatives:


                       -          The deadline for abstract submission will be extended until June 20th, 2014

                       -          The abstract acceptance information will be sent within June 22th, 2014

                       -          Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to sent their full papers until July 7th, 2014 


Proposals will be peer reviewed, and are invited in any area concerning the overall focus of the conference, on theoretical and practical approaches related to:

                  *       Environmental Biotechnology

  - Development and Management of  Aquatic Resources and their Products                                                                                                                                 

- Aquaculture Management and  Technology                                                                    

- Marine and Freshwater Pollution, Biotechnological Treatments

                - Molecular Biotechnologies                                                                                                                                                                   

        - Biotechnological Conservation of Natural Resources

                   *       Agricultural Biotechnology

                - Genetics of Plant Improvement

                - Induced Mutagenesis

                - GMO Detection

                - Tissue and Cell Culture

                - Molecular Biotechnologies


                 *       Medical Biotechnology

                - Molecular Diagnostics

                - Secondary Metabolites, Molecules Aspects of Regulatory Pathways

                - Ethics in Medical Biotech

                 *       Food Biotechnology

                - GMO Detection and Bio Safety

                - Food Safety

                - Molecular Applications

                - Conventional Food Biotechnologies

                 *       Education in Biotechnology

                - Curricula and methodics

                - Research (Basic and Applied)

                - Project Participations

                - EU Funding Framework

                - Students Session 

Applicants, whose abstract are accepted, will sent their full paper to icab@fshn.edu.al and rita_sokoli@yahoo.com



Materials presented at the International Conference on Applied Biotechnology, after careful revision, will be published as full papers in the Conference Proceedings with ISBN 978-99943-0-367-0.


Papers should be written in English language, font Times New Roman, line spacing single, margins (2.54 cm top, 2.54 cm bottom, 3.18 cm left, 2.54 cm right), paragraphs separated by 6pt. The length of the paper should not exceed 5 pages A4.


Every paper should contain:

1. Title (all capital letters, bold, font size 14, centered)

2. The complete names and surnames of the authors (with small letters, font size 11, centered)

3. The authors addresses (with small letters, italic, font size 10)

4. Abstract (font size 10) maximum up to 250 words and key words

5. Introduction

6. Material and methods

7. Results and/or Discussion

8. References


Chapter titles (Introduction, Results, Discussion…) should be in bold letters, centered and font size 12. The text in the chapters should be in font size 11.

Title of paper, titles of sections,  should be bolded. Names of authors, addresses, keywords, the abstract, the literature, all explanations and writings in the tables, figures, and formulas should be font 10.

Titles of tables: always above the table, with letter size 10, with one empty row between the title and the Table.

Titles of figures: The same as the title of the table, except that the figure title should always be under the figure. The dimensions of tables, figures and photos should not exceed those of the written paper, 12 x 18 cm.



Full papers should be sent in both following addresses:












                         ON APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY